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We made our trip to Italy in the month of May 2009. In a span of eight days we visited as many places as we could. Not compromising on the time that each place would demand, according to our interest. Though in a couple of places we did feel that one more day would have been nice. Most of the time we were out on the streets of Italy roaming as much as our body would permit. Taking rest meant sitting somewhere on some piazza or in a street corner cafe or restaurant, soaking in the exuberance of the place.

Here I must say, that Italy is very much like the place we come from, India. And very much unlike the place, where we are currently living, Germany. More on this will come up later with our experiences of the various places in Italy.

We started our trip from Naples and ended at Milan. Travelling from South to North. In the order of visit the places are, Pompei, Rome, Florence, Siena, Pisa, Venice and Milan. Though we went to Naples but here it will not be mentioned, as the place was only used for transit to Pompei.

For detail of each of the places please refer to the links below :

Florence, Siena and Pisa
Venice and Milan

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