While travelling in the last 10 years, we have gained a lot from numerous people who had traveled before us and went on sharing their experiences. Their efforts made our travels well planned, economical and enjoyable. With time we too gained our share of experiences, it is time that we share all that to others.

This is also an exercise to re-live the moments we cherish most. The moments we wish should never end, yet it ends. When it ends, we start planning the next such moment.

Who are we?

We are a family of three currently residing in Bangalore. Out of the three, the two older members actively contribute to the design and content of this site. The younger one is six and half years old, is no lesser traveler than us. As a matter of fact, he started traveling when he was 45 days old and so far has visited 8 countries outside India. On the road, he takes up the responsibility of assistant navigator and apprentice photographer.

For 16 hours a day we either read, plan, research, talk or dream about travel. The rest of 8 hours I work for an IT company, which actually provides for all that I don’t do at work.

This more or less sums up all that is there to say about us. Just in case you would like to know, we are called Mainak (that’s me) Paramita (my wife) and Dwaipayan (or Leon, our son, as he is called lovingly). Being our last name, Batabyal is common to us.

The way we travel 

We travel as a family and never had to compromise on anything because of having a baby, who is now a kid. Our son is equally responsible for the travels we undertake and he too has his role cut out when we hit the road.

We love to travel by road, long drives and self drives are our forte. Every travel plan that we now make for India, is conceived keeping driving as the only option. It gives us the freedom to plan and un-plan the way we want. While traveling outside India, we prefer local transport, this way we can connect better with people. It also give us insight into their way of life and the flavour of the country.

Those of you who will stumble upon this site, I request you to leave your mark as comment and feedback. Tell us what you want to read about. This will enrich us immensely and will provide a track, which will lead this site.

Contact Us

If you want to connect with us, please send an email to

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Now that’s the most perfect description that could have been of the *team* I would say!

Cheers to lot more miles and places!


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